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What our members are saying

I am a whole new person now, I am happier, healthier and calmer, better driver and better listener. My body and mind are in balance, I don’t have any pain in my back. I can run and jump without any pain, it’s amazing how Kundalini yoga helps me. My kids and I enjoy yoga every day, it’s amazing how kids learn quickly and enjoy this with me. Thank you so much 🙏

Susana Balas

I have improved a lot and it is thanks to you and your team that I feel very good and full of energy after I have started doing yoga every day. I am much calmer and more patient with myself and with others. My body is stronger, the flexibility is greater and the back pain is gone. Kundalini has taught me that life is now and I should enjoy it.

Kolbrún Benediktsdóttir

Today marks my 100th day of doing Kundalini with the help of your programs. Having a calendar and a plan, but not being responsible for creating it, has been a powerful motivator for me to practice everyday. I feel so blissful and relaxed. So thank you , thank you, thank you! These programs have been absolutely life-changing for me.

Erika Altensee


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