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About the Founder

Mariya Gancheva is a transformational leader, teacher, author, founder and CEO of Kundalini Lounge, a mother and a full-time investment banker in the city of London. She is the embodiment of a modern woman who has managed to integrate the wisdom of the East into the fast-pace lifestyle of the West, while also dedicating time to help and elevate others by teaching Kundalini Yoga since 2009.

"How is Kundalini Yoga Different?"

An extract from a recent interview with Mariya for the "Gorgeously Healthy Goddess Summit"

"It is yoga for the household, you don't need to be in an ashram, you don't need to be climbing a mountain, you don't need to be isolating yourself to stay within yourself, it's the yoga of awareness, consciously being within, being in the moment of now, being in yourself, and I feel that in our modern environment now, with everything  that's happening externally, everything that's happening in our own lives, we really drift away from our own self, and self with a capital "S", right!?

That is who we truly are, that is what we are and we become very distracted by what's happening in this world and in our daily lives that we rarely notice what's going on within us.

When we do Kundalini Yoga, we really raise the awareness, we raise the consciousness to a higher state, we address both conscious and subconscious, we work very deeply not only on physical level but on emotional as well, and a lot of time trauma which happens in almost every person's life, whether in childhood or events through life, accumulates and a lot of things we forget but they are sitting in our subconscious mind so often when we practice Kundalini, we call it "peeling the onion", because it works soo deep, it slowly starts unpeeling layers and suddenly a lot of these old events, emotions, feelings that are preventing you from moving forward at times or lead to unexpected reactions or behaviors on your side kind of resurface and you are able to address them, and you are able to let go of them, so it's a beautiful practice, it's very deep..." ~ Mariya Gancheva

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